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Idioms Interior: Classic or Simple.

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Determining the interior style that will be applied at home often takes a long time. There are many who are considered to have a beautiful home but comfortable, namely - among others - adapt to the lifestyle and function.

Furniture can indeed be the main element in determining the style of the selected design in a room. However, in addition to familiar furniture and accessories design interior supporting others, there are other things that must be considered. Namely building design or interior space creates the overall ambience of the room.

This can be done through walls, ceilings or floors. Along with furniture and akseoris supporters, these elements have unique strengths that work in synergy and mutual influence in creating a style. Thus, the harmony of each design element in any room can be maintained to produce the proper harmonization.

For example, floral-patterned wall paper or the vine and the union became one of the classic style space marker. If you do not want to impression management, this wallpaper can be applied in one area or dividing wall in horsontal field wall. Bahwanya section using a soft neutral colors.

You can also highlight the design of the ceiling, for example, use the drop ceiling design (ceiling down). At the corner of the ceiling that has a certain level, given carvings. In order to look more beautiful, use continuous lighting with a warm yellow color that was hidden by the second level. Bias light will provide a romantic and artistic impression in space. With such arrangement, a classic style that has been felt even stay to play with furniture and accessories.

Another simple case with a modern style that he prefers the simplicity of design in every element of interior support. The wall is made plain with bright colors or can also use vertical lines tertekstur wallpaper. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with the drop ceiling design. However, avoid the use of motifs on one wrote it. To be modern impression remains strong without being cold, you can use the floor with a little style to resemble natural stone or beige cream.
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HOUSE NOT Little and narrow.

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Availability of land is home today so minimal it became an obstacle to present a comfortable home. One of the difficulties encountered was the limited space and the movement of family members was limited. For some people, little land is not a problem because it is easier for them to take care of him, especially if you have a high level of activities. But if the number of family members and increasing space needs, the concept of storey house can be a way out. Here are some tips that can be used as inspiration for you.

Dream home.
1. The division of space.
With two floors, divided the area will be easier. Downstairs can be made of two bedrooms, with one main room and one smaller room and one bathroom. For the separation area between the living room and dining room can be done using a room divider easily removed. If the remaining open space in the back, can also be used as a dining room without losing the park at all. Of course, with the addition of a roof or awning to keep rain water tampias. Meanwhile upstairs can be used as a television room for privacy, an area for hanging clothes and two additional bedrooms. Try not to make too much insulation, either upstairs or down. To get around the area are narrow bathroom, you can remove and replace tub with shower is much more efficient place.

2. Light
One thing to be aware of the tiny house is to give more light and to give a broader impression. The roof is high enough, a balcony or window openings large enough to provide more light. In order to get more leverage, use the same furniture and wall colors are bright.

3. Furniture
Use a medium-sized furniture to maintain the flexibility of the area. It would be better when using multifunctional furniture, such as a bed that has storage drawers underneath. Use furniture that is also possible to fill the corners to minimize the wasted area. While there are several developers who use the concept of storey house on a tiny land. If not, ask in detail whether the residents can change the basic form of the house and the house foundation able to make two levels. It would be better if there was still some land, about 0,5-1 meters, to develop a form of the house.
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Urban lifestyle that tends to be practical and efficient basis minimalist house design is still too much in demand. Various forms of house building, house shops, hotels, up to the apartment to take a minimalist form as consumer appeal.

Form follows function. Minimalist house comes with a better character (shapes and geometric space, simple), better (stronger), and stronger with the spaces blank (a little ornaments and furniture). Minimalist be the goal itself as well as ornaments simple and pure. Straight line, plane smooth rough sometimes, and meetings of all the elbow perpendicular. Blocking mass, materials, lighting, repetition, circulation compact, multifunctional space optimization and sequential.

Use of efficient materials, practical, lightweight but sturdy, and high-tech. Concrete exposed to plain or textured walls, wide glass windows, or even without a connection. The framework of concrete buildings to steel. The roof of clay tiles, shingles, to steel plate. Floating staircase of steel plate and strap, lightweight concrete, until the stepladder.

Plain wood with no ornaments, just in-melamik, still widely used for frames, doors and windows. Frame of durable aluminum also has many ogled. Textured concrete fences, walls betel leaves (pieces arranged storey stone), to hedge softens the rigidity of the building.

Minimalist house design features emphasize straightforward, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, and space efficiency. Minimalist impression only the essential functions of the house will be retained. Creativity and innovation technological developments create minimalist house will continue to grow more compact, stylish, and practical, and remains a favorite choice of a new symbol of urban society.
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Having a nice house, and according to the taste and lifestyle, of course, everyone desires. Such things can not be realized if we buy the "House So". Because buying "House So" means we use the designs and concepts of others. Not necessarily the design in accordance with the wishes and the style we have. Then how to get a house that became our dream? How to conceptualize, design, and build yourself a house.

This requires the building designer (architect) who can transfer the ideas and desires into a building design. By choosing an architect who actually qualified, the picture of an ideal house in mind we can become a reality.

An architect in charge of designing all things related to the design of the building until it became a building. Here are included the supervision process until the building was.

The task of the architect begins the client requests or orders. They then conceptualize client requests and desires into a design that is based on architectural standardization. In this process the architect will provide advice to clients about the shape of the building in accordance with the wishes and condition of the soil texture.

When the draft is approved by the client, then there is the employment contract with the client to visualize the design until it becomes a whole building. In these contracts are listed all the rules of the process of making buildings.

Choosing an architect who could translate our desires of course not easy. Here are some things you need to do before choosing an architect who will conceptualize your home or building.

1. Identify architectural styles to be realized in your home. You can choose a global force, like the European style, the Middle East, or the typical Javanese style with pendoponya form, and so on.

After determining what style did you choose an architect who could translate the will and force you specified earlier. More clearly the desire and the style you want, the easier it is for the architect to make it happen in a building design.

2. Each architects, especially those already experienced, will have its own style and uniqueness to become his trade mark. Identify the works of architects who want to select. Select the option to architects who have a style in accordance with the wishes and the style you have. Conformity will further increase the likelihood of the realization of your dream home style.

3. A good architect will make every effort possible to translate your desires and style in a design. If you have decided to choose an architect, then the next process is necessary discussions and good cooperation between you and the architect. Frequently hold discussions and exchange of ideas that architects really understand what is your desire.
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HOUSE HAVE residents character.

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Architectural design house will always change with the development of a dynamic culture. Technological developments and the economy has changed the concept of human thought.

When selecting a house design architecture should not follow the trend that people loved, because it could be a home design trends that you choose is not in harmony with the character of the inhabitants. Besides, the design trend did not last long and will continue to change.

Select a design house that can display the beauty in the (inner beauty) of the building, the space created as needed, flowing layout, the arrangement is simple and functional interior. The house is in harmony with the character of the inhabitants, tropical climate conditions, socio-cultural, and environment.

Tropical modern architecture is the development of traditional architecture with the addition and adjustment of modern public life. Tropical modern architecture has distinctive aesthetic values of modern tropical building (a friendly tropical environment, according to the present), model building has eternity in terms of design and art, as well as correct in terms of function, requirements, climate, and environment.

The ability to accommodate building a tropical climate state residents more comfortable and energy efficient. Tropical modern house exists as a home inhabited, attractive design view, and responsive to the tropical climate. Life in the tropics environmentally friendly home requires a hot tropical and humid, and rainy season and summer turns throughout the year. The house was designed by considering and utilizing resources in an optimal natural light and air into the house.

Every room in the house lit by natural light throughout the day coming in through the wide door openings and window vents (ventilation) around the building, and skylights in some corner of the roof ceiling. Room was bright and fresh throughout the day (morning-afternoon).

Cross circulation of fresh air to flow smoothly into the ceiling and the roof high enough (4 feet) to create space feel fresh, not stuffy or damp, and minimize the use of a fan or air conditioner.

The house is not just a shelter from the sun or rain, but home is where the socialization process of a human being with family.

Wide eaves to shade the porch, building, and problem-solving tampias rain. Under the eaves where the rain fall created a dry garden with a linear elongated coral surface that allows water absorption, while eliminating the guttering is often blocked or leaking. When the rain, walls and floors are not muddy and slippery, clean the walls of mud spray.

Openness and inter-space fluid circulation space was made to flow from front to back until the top. Joint space is provided as a mono mix of activities, such as living room and family room, dining room and kitchen, living room and study together.

Excess modern house accommodating tropical tropical climate makes the house feel more alive and warm. The combination of wisdom architecture (traditional) tropical, fulfilling the needs of modern life, and modern materials (concrete, steel, glass, fiberglass) and natural materials (timber, stone, brick, terracotta).

Processing of local materials (stone, brick, terrazzo, coral, wood, coconut, bamboo, water hyacinth, banana stem) with the appropriate creative and long-lived buildings, efficient maintenance, and provide value-added tropical exotic whole building. Interwoven industrial technological progress (precision, cold) and the culture of craftsmen (natural, warm) make it look more warm house and give the building a strong character.

Making voids and voids the proper distribution and uniform in tropical klimatik maintain the smooth functioning of air circulation and natural light into the house. The top of the pergola void of useful features to filter the sunlight and the intensity of light katalitas changing, as well as rain water tempias on all four sides of the building walls.

The sensitivity of tropical modern architecture to encourage the building open to the outside space as a whole is balanced. Space in, terrace and garden as a whole expansion of space. That is, activities that take place in the space can be drawn on the terrace next to the park, such as the function of the dining room during a family party.

The presence of value-added garden buildings. Ecological value is very thick. Garden tropical modern emphasis on the use of some types of plants (grasses or other plants pengalas, 1-3 trees, bamboo barrier), giving a strong green effect, the spread of coral and water absorption wells 2-3 (enlarge resap groundwater resources), as well as easy maintenance.

Settlement plaster walls and cement floors, exposed concrete, doors and windows with plain wooden exposure or without frames, construction cost, but capable of displaying the beauty of the building. The wall is covered with trees to muffle the noise, absorb pollutant gases, solar radiation resist, and cool temperature in the room.

Limited land and the consequences of land up to encourage the development of grass roofs replace conventional roof. The presence of functional trees filter the sun coming over (reducing heat in the building, preserving the paint walls), creating shade, and shadow effect on the walls and floors.
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